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It’s been a while

Good morning, a lot has been in progress with much work. I thank God for His Grace always being instant in prayer. I want to encourage others to always strive to better themselves. We are two people, let me explain, in the Book of Corinthians this is explained. God made first the physical body then a quickened Spirit. If we believe in Christ, and serve God I feel it is important to remember this constantly. When we accept Christ as our Savior this becomes important to acknowledge. Our bodies are not permanent, we get hurt, we age and we eventually pass away, a k a die. The Spirit that lives in that body doesn’t it continues. I don’t want people to argue about how many different views on that happens, just be willing to acknowledge this. We are told all throughout the New Testament. When we acce Christ we should start living in the Spirit, therefore becoming a new creature. This also means that we must choose to be different, how you say? By making choices that reinforces that service towards God. As our Spirit that lives in this body, will war against our Spirit. The spirit will bring the body into subjection. This will not and is not always easy. That is why we are to be “instant” in prayer. Calling on God when we are struggling, but not only then, we should always seek to build a relationship with God through Christ and by the Holy Spirit. Being proactive not reactive. Following Christ’s example to better ourselves Spiritually. Then body will follow! Be positive, seek always first the Kingdom of God. I feel this is a personal choice, no one person can do it for another. We all must do it ourselves but no by ourselves. I and many others stand by in our service to God to support and reinforce those who are struggling.

God will always provide what we need when need it, but remember “ according to His Will”. I have genuine love for all i meet. This is the second great commandment, to love your brother. God is love and there is no fear in perfect love. therefore don’t let fear drive you. Though your Faith in God, trust Him be obedient when you are called to serve. Serve God and not man. This can be hard but just remember doing what God calls you to do is more important than anything that we do!!!

God Bless and Remember Jesus loves you always even when we fail or come short!

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