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My Thoughts 06012020

Updated: Jun 2, 2020

Yesterday, we held our Bible study under the Bridge. I must confess, every time I am led to serve God I see the increase only He can provide. God is Awesome in all things, we just have to surrender to Christ and obey. In that obedience in your calling by God to serve, He will provide all that is needed to complete your service to Him. Serve Him according to His will, without the vanity of man.

I have watched a once drug addict, lay down those drugs after coming to serve God by accepting His Son as His Savoir. A month later he is sharing his struggles with someone God sent to where we were. This person needed to hear what he shared with her about his struggles wit drugs. Only God through His Son can do something like this, an He did it fast according to His Will.

We need to have hope for the things not seen. Quit hoping for things you or I have already. Romans 8:24 says: For we are saved by hope; hope that is seen is not hope, for what a man seeth, why doth he yet hope for it? Look past the things seen and see what could be; hope for this and let God use you to accomplish and receive this hope. Do not place expectations on others that you yourself can't accomplish. This is familiar idea, when Paul was called to answer to the high priests and sadducees. When they were asked how they place those restrictions of their law and beliefs on the gentiles. They couldn't obey their own rules according to the law, yet they expected others to obey. The others weren't even under the law that they were expected to obey, crazy isn't it?

I hope for others to be able to look past their own vanity and serve God when He calls you. Be obedient to the Law of Faith in Christ; which is established in us by our Faith. Go into this world of darkness, be that light that Christ was, to reach out to serve others. Don't let one possibility of a expected outcome that you have, to keep you from serving. Try not to place a passionate emotional response on those things that God gives to you to do. Approach things with an open mind with out expectations. Strive to do what is right , through Christ and by God's Grace. God Bless you all and remember, true change may not happen over night, unless God wants it to.

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