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My Thoughts 1 Jan 2021

So the year 2020 has passed and a new day is here, along with a new month and a new year, 2021. I thank God daily for the gift of the new day. I wish to encourage others to focus on today and not the year. The year, months and weeks will take care of themselves if we focus on today. The things that matter the most are what we are doing right now. If we focus on yesterday, we will not be able to work on the changes needed to give self improvement. If we focus on tomorrow, we will not focus on what is need to be doing to work on the items that will give self improvement and not enjoy the Gifts from God. Today, right now, minute by minute is where "the rubber meets the road"!!! this means to me that this is when the real work is done, right now. Don't dwell on yesterday with regret and remorse. Don't dwell on tomorrow with expectations or unattainable goals. Focus on the here and now!

We being in the flesh will always be a work in progress as it wars with the Spirit that dwells with in us. We are to renew daily in the Spirit. That spirit is what makes us the new creature in God, as we accept Jesus Christ as our Savior. God gave us the spirit with free will, this means that we must choose always to serve Him. Choose to serve Christ in every moment as it passes us by. This can be difficult at times, but be diligent and of Good Cheer as you seek to serve Him! Stand fast in your service to God. If you can achieve this, the days will become better. Then the weeks, months and years will miraculously become better. True Changes will be made in your life. We are told that we all come short of the Glory of God. We will face hardships, struggles and temptations.

I don't want to be know by the worst things that I have done. I can only expect that all don't want this to be true. Therefore look at the things not seen, not only what you see. Try to acknowledge that looks are deceiving. Many try to convince they are something they are not. Remember , Actions speak louder than words. They can show true intentions; all you have to do is take a minute to see, temporally not carnally. May God Bless you all in your daily walk. Be the example and Light in your world as Christ was for us all!!!

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